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Fashion Feat – How To Make A Fashion Statement

Trust me, in our world today, it can be really hard to explicitly standout in a room filled with everyone dressed like they’re at the met gala.

In a world of diverse styles and creativity levels, most individuals (young & old) find it hard to come up with an outfit not to talk of making a fashion statement.

Before we dive right into this week’s fashion feat, it’s pertinent to explain what making a fashion statement really means.

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A fashion statement is something that you wear or own that is new or unusual and makes you a figure of attraction. This alone should interest you more. No?

Meanwhile, for you to have a unique sense of style you have to be diffident, be the talk and light of every occasion. You just have to stand out and top your game.

Here Are Some Basic Tips To Help You Achieve This Feat

Don’t Be Scared Of Colours

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This might be hard for people that are not proud of their skin color and complain about how uneven their skin tone is with some colours, but, they still want to look fashionable, by having just two colors Black and White. Please, how’s that even a thing? Black and white?

Making a fashion statement is going beyond boring colors! Switch things up, put on a yellow color on a Monday morning and let people wonder why you’re so bright, wear a lengthy White gown for that dinner you’re planning for instead of a black. I promise you’ll be the talk of that occasion. Bold colors like red, yellow, green, pink, blue, among others.

Basic Is Boring! Mix Patterns

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Mixing of colors and matching of patterns can be one of the most stressful areas of dressing, cos’ we always want our clothes to match our bags or shoes.

Making those decisions alone is an exercise, trust me! Most people try to play it safe in order not to commit fashion blunders, but don’t forget fashion isn’t how a celebrity or a model wore it, fashion or Style is how you create it. If you do not have a black skirt for work, make a do of that wine or red skirt in the corner of your wardrobe. If polka-dots clothing are all you own in your wardrobe, please wear them!.

Never Forget Accessories

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This is an important rule in making fashion statements. Accessories like bags, sunglasses, rings, scarves, necklaces, chains and pendants and many more are the ingredients to spice up your fashion meal. Don’t be a boring dresser, wear one or two accessories and see how you’ll stand out.

Bags like satchel, fanny pack and the woven bags (Rafia) are all important things for your day’s dressing. There are people who wear rings on all fingers, trust me you’ll definitely know they are the ones coming from a distance.

So, basically making fashion statements isn’t as easy as it may seem, but never forget, wear what you like and own your style.

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