Ex-Corper Imprisoned For Alledgedly Criticisizing Madonna University.

You have freedom of speech. It is freedom after the speech that I cannot guarantee.

This was a statement made by Idi-Amin.

But this post is not about politics  or Idi-Amin

But this statement seems to be the reality in one of the most popular private tertiary institutions in the country known as Madonna University.

According to a report, a certain ex-corper by the name of Chijoke Nnamani was reportedly imprisoned by the Madonna University’s management just because he had spoken against the standard of lecturers teaching in the school.

Here is the facebook post;

Madonna University

In the viral post circulating on Twitter calling for the release of Chijioke Nnamani, with the trending hashtag #FreeNnamani, the ex-Corper and alumni of the school is billed to appear before a Federal High Court in Awka today.


Let’s hear your thoughts on this issue of Madonna University Vs Chijioke Nnamani?

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