Even masquerades need a break.

Masquerades are a common part of some Nigerian cultures; what is not so common however, is a masquerade leaving his duties for a quick fix.
Don’t believe me? Take a look.

Baba has other pressing needs to attend to hahaha.

I remember one time I was going home from a friend’s house; I saw masquerades from afar holding cane, very long cane o. Trust me now, I quickly crossed to the other side of the road, and took the longest route home. But I didn’t care o.

Anyway, you know social media will be buzzing about this. Here’s what some people had to say.

Somebody said the gods is a Marlian. Nigerians won’t kill somebody sha!!

Hold up! Someone really said the gods are not to blame, haha. Somebody should seize his phone.

This happened in Ondo State. The same state that a man climbed mast just to sleep! It really must be something in their water.

Did you miss that? No worries, you will find it here https://www.magazine.vasiti.com/look-what-this-man-did-just-to-sleep/

Do check it out!

Meanwhile, what do you think about this?

Have you encountered a masquerade before? Let us know! I told you mine, so you should tell me yours.

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I don’t know why I am not surprised


A long time ago, I encountered one masquerade on my way to get something for my mum. Because of the normal superstition of Yoruba’s, that females are not allowed to go out or make eye contact with them, almost all the women were running including me, and I had to enter someone’s house for my safety. but now if I see them I just walk pass, cos I don’t believe such anymore.

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