Even Celebrities do not find Motherhood Easy


Motherhood; Is it easy on celebrities?


You might think with the world of luxury, glitz and glamour celebrities live in, they need not face the problem common people faces.

If the sentence above describes the way you think, then I tell you, you are wrong.

Beyonce a mother of three took to her instagram page to let the world know and accept the fact that your body cannot remain the same after childbirth. She also emphasized the importance of loving “you” the way you are.

Serena Williams who recently became a mother of one is not let off the hook as she also took to her instagram page to let people know that there are times in parenting that you think you are doing all the wrong things but do not stress, as communication solves most of the problem.

Furthermore, she made us realize that being a mother and balancing your career is a whole lot of work. There are times you’d think you barely have enough time for your child.

But according to her, communicating with her sister and mother as made everything quite easy for her.

Do you still think motherhood is easy? 

If yes, well even Cardi B took time off to be with her daughter baby “Kulture”.

If you think they are having it easy because of all the money they posses then you might have to think twice………



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