Instead of the regular articles on Trends or Opportunites,let’s have something different. Enjoy.☺

It was cold and raining outside.

I do not know if it was morning or still midnight as it was still dark outside.

I was awakened by blaring sounds of the thunder and lightning,

I was shivering.

I screamed, “Father! Mother!”,

The only reply I got was the creaking sound of the doors opening and closing all over the house.

I live alone with my parents so I became frightened,

I took a bold step to go to their rooms in search of them,

It was a fruitless journey.

I searched the entire house to no avail,

I was too scared to go outside so I went back into my room and hid myself under Daisy, my very loving blanket.

Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching,

Thump! Thump! Thump!

They were getting louder and closer,

Then it stopped,

I released a breath I did not know I was holding,

Almost immediately, I felt strong hands around me,

I was being choked, I struggled, trying to set myself free,

Then everything went black.

Stella! Stella!

That sounded like my mum calling my name,

I was confused,what could be happening?

I stood up and ran to the dining room,

Breakfast was served,

I looked around and saw my Dad,

They were both in such a happy mood,

It all dawned on me, then I smiled.


This is a write up done by Iheakam Winifred. For more write ups by her, visit her blog 

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