Ebun, Speed Darlington; And All The Other Reasons Twitter Is Laughing.

First things first, let all the ladies picture a really cute guy, who looks even cuter when he’s angry.

The guys are to skip this exercise; no homo.

Well, today’s trends on twitter will make you fall over laughing.

I’ll tell you why.

Just yesterday, the video of Ebun furiously shouting down a customer in front of other customers made rounds on social media; and people have a lot to say about it!

Quick rundown;

Ebun is the CEO of his own fitness gym, and a customer allegedly brought forward a complaint to him. However, Ebun obviously did not like something about the customer doing that; hence the violent reaction.

Meanhile, ther’s another angle;

Apparently the video did wonders for him, because he is trending number 2 on twitter! And you know Nigerians must talk;

While some people are fuming:

Some seem to be on his side:

And of course some girls are tripping!!!

That sums it up.

Whose side are you on?

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video of Speed Darlington japa-ing from an okada man; after refusing to pay.

Nigerians will never not turn anything to a joke:

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