Ekpoma University Saga

Drama in EKPOMA as Student Goes Extreme To Recover Missing Money

Drama in Ekpoma!

How far would you go  to get your missing “last kobo?”

There was mild drama, yesterday, at the Emotan Hall of Ambruse Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, following the discovery of some assaulted charms in a girl’s bag.

It was gathered that the student, who had been complaining about her missing money, wrote the names of her roommates in a sheet of paper, collected their hair and tied everything up with a thread.

The discovery was made by a roommate who was going through the suspect’s bag. The aggrieved student was said to be out of the hostel when her charms were discovered.

Ekpoma University SagaIt was an obvious case of frustration of the missing money, but wasn’t this too far? So, over to you, how far would you go over your missing money?

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