Drake Eats Peter Rosenberg Raw For Condemning His New Music Video

It is no more news that Drake’s “God’s Plan” single  is in its fourth week at the top 100 Billboard Chart and obviously it had not been a bowl of cherries for the Canadian Musician.Peter Rosenberg challenged Drake’s intention behind that realistic give away almost $1 million to the people of Miami that was shown in the video. Rosenberg made the comments on February 22 in the episode of Ebro in the Morning. Peter is a longtime On air personality and he is currently the host of New York’s radio ‘Hot 97’.Here are some of what he said:

I could hear in his voice that this was very clearly the most important thing that he’s ever done. He was clearly very effected by doing something so good for people. That’s ultimately very great for the culture. But, I still would have said the video is not for me.”

The words of Rosenberg did not earn Drake’s good graces as he blasted Rosenberg in whatever way he can.The music video is an important thing he has ever done in his career, so he does not tolerate any violent spittle that might serve as potential damage to the invaluable nature of it.

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