Don’t Burn Out!

It’s Saturday(!) and for the average Nigerian, that means it’s partyday and Owambe! For others though, it’s their lazy day. It’s the day they get to sleep for twelve hours, waking up unsure of where they are! Issokay…

So I got a job very recently, interning at an investment company. I get to leave home as early as 7am and I don’t get to work until about 8.30am. Then I’m there working till 5pm in the evening . It feels so good to have a job especially for someone who just got out from the university. But lawd, it’s stressful, time taking, energy sapping and much more, creativity quenching!

So here I am, for the past few weeks, have managed to scribbled down a couple of forced poems, written some bit of stuff you can call articles and of course written zero songs. Now it’s dawned on me that your job can kill your creativity. Then as time goes on, you realise that you have become a routined individual. You wake up daily, go to work, look forward to Fridays and the next paycheck, then repeat the process all over again. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I think that’s why we have the gift of Saturdays like this! You don’t have to burn out, losing your passion and be miserable about the things you could have done with your gifts. Today is a good day. Get some rest and put your creativity cap back on. If you are like me, get to writing, make melodies, sculpt that idea or sew that idea. Whatever it is with you, don’t let the rigors of your job quench your fire!

Switch your creativity on!

Do something with your today. Read a book, fire up your ideas. They’ve slept for too long.

Does this mean anything to you? I hope so! Let me hear from you. Ciao.

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