Do You Want To Start/Expand Your Business? These Are Five Viable Product Ideas For Entrepreneurs.

If you are a student, and you are thinking of going into your own business, now is the best time; and that is why I am bringing you this.

And if you are already an entrepreneur, student or not; and you’re looking to expand; this article is also for you.

These are small scale business productions that are sure to bring in the money:

1. Aloe Vera/Coconut oil Soap.

Image result for aloe vera soap

These people will tell you that, aloe vera and coconut oil cures anything; and people will believe! These products sell every single day; and they are not even difficult to make.

2. Custard.

Image result for custard

You are probably thinking, weird choice; but, custard has been in the Nigerian market for as long as anyone can remember; and the need for them is not dwindling anytime soon.

What do you think is the reason for that?

People are consistently bringing in new flavours. Try something new; maybe chocolate mixed with something else is what some are lookng for.

3. Branded Paper/Nylon Bags.

Image result for paper/nylon bag

Here, you’ll have to be strategic. Target your market. The easiest place you can start from, are instagram vendors of either hair or clothes.

4. Soap Detergents.

Image result for sunlight detergent powder

Although these are really competitive, they are still selling, so the question is, why not?

5. Insecticide.

Image result for insecticide

Before, Raid, Rambo and Mortein were the only brands of insecticide. Now, there are more than thirty. That should tell you something.

Do you have any other suggestions? Tell us in the comments.

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Interesting article. Entrepreneur have a knack for identifying needs in their market and create a demand for products that wasn’t there before them.

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