#Davido: Another Reason To Remember That The Internet Never Forgives.

Just this afternoon, two sisters made a video on Instagram accussing popular Nigerian musician, Davido, of impregnating one of them.

These are serious allegations that shook the internet a bit, also considering that he just welcomed a child with his fiancee, Chioma.

However, despite the severity of these allegations, Davido remained undeterred; promising to put the two girls in prison for spewing lies. It became more serious when he placed a bounty on both girls; rewarding anyone that can find their names, locations as well as social media handles, with one million Naira!

Less than thirty minutes, and the culprits are already found.

Seeing as the stunt they pulled was too expensive, both girls have come out to apologise:

Now here’s the twist, while many people are almost going crazy at the thought of two girls risking spending time in jail;

While some are saying it is all a publicity stunt for his new song, risky.

Well, what do you think?

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