Cynthia's Rape Story

Cynthia’s Rape Story: How Twitter is Reacting to the False Allegation of A 19-yr Old

If you haven’t read the Cynthia Story or have no idea who Cynthia is. Here is the full story of how a 19-year old False Allegation could land her in Jail.

Meanwhile, a summary of the story.

A lady by the name of Cynthia came out in September to accuse a guy of raping a Friend of hers, Anita, on twitter and expected the guy to settle them.

But the guy did the unexpected (for most guys in that situation), he took the matter to court and this singular action made Cynthia and her friend understand that

And Cynthia could end up in Jail.

So, Cynthia along with two friends went to meet the accused guy for settlement.

Listen to how it went down here.

Meanwhile, when the guy posted all the recordings of the meeting…Twitter went up in flames.

Everyone had an opinion.

It’s safe to say most people had a few colorful words to say about the False Rape Allegation by Cynthia.

But some die-hard Cynthia Fans (apparently) stan for their 19-year old Queen

One of such person is the YBNL female act, Temmie Ovwasa, who said this

And even backed it up…what a believer.

Meanwhile, this tweep isn’t open in her support for Cynthia but she has an issue with the uproar the False Allegation has caused

While this tweep summarises the opinion of most.

Rape is bad

Falsely Accusing someone of Rape is Bad too

Also, in the recording the guy who goes by the name @ynotes on twitter requested that Cynthia come on Twitter to retract the statement.

But she said, she couldn’t handle the backlash and here’s what Twitter had to say about that too.

And that’s the end for NOW.

However, tell us what you think of the matter?

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