Nigerian Education System

Corp Member Laments Over Nigerian Education System (The Truth About The NYSC)

Sad Truth About The NYSC program

An NYSC member took to Facebook to publish a post tagged “WE WERE NOT TOLD”

In her post she lamented about the Education system in Nigeria and the mandatory one year NYSC Program.

The post explained how many Nigerians are being deceived from kindergarten till after graduation. The post was dedicated to all Nigerian Students who are probably growing up and believing the system.


Here’s The Post


Nigerian Education System
Screenshot of the facebook post
Nigerian Education System
Screenshot of The post

This honestly is a serious matter! Many Nigerian students have gone through the four years of the university without openly sharing their experience.



The University experience can be quite interesting, even secondary school too, what’s your take on the Facebook post?


Do you think that she’s just a victim of just the wrong part of a greater large portion of the NYSC Programme?


The NYSC came to being on the 22rd of May 1973 as a social and cultural integration scheme by Gen. Yakubu Gowon.

There have been several controversies surrounding the NYSC Program.

With regards to the cry on facebook by Princess Nenye Mayor, here are four flaws of The NYSC most Nigerian Students complain about.


No Effect on Youth Empowerment and Involvement

Nigerian Education System

From its Inception, The NYSC has not really made much impact in the empowering of Nigerian Graduates. Neither has it made any impact on the involvement of Youths in building the economy.


Poorly Structured Scheme

Nigerian Education System

The NYSC scheme is creates more and more teaching jobs. The unfortunate thing about this is that young Nigerians who are exposed to sub-standard teaching over the years impart their half-baked learnings to  younger children. This is a case of the blind leading the blind.


Misguided Prospectus

Nigerian Education System

One of the main reasons for establishing The NYSC is to teach morals to Nigerian Youths. If you didn’t know this, Now you do. One can’t just learn all the morals in just one year of NYSC program.

There’s the family, society and several hosts of social structures that can teach one moral. Please who’s fooling who!


Flawed On All Sides

Nigerian Education System

The major problem with most things that concerns Nigeria is corruption and with the NYSC, this is not an exception.

Many Nigerians can attest to the fact that when it comes to uprightness the system doesn’t even meet the mark. From bribery and extortion to extreme inhuman practices, the NYSC proves to be another Joke on Nigerians.



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