Contest Alert: Epson Robot Contest For Young Persons (Opportunity To win up to 3 robots)







We are very pleased to inform interested persons that Epson welcomes higher education institutes, universities and research facilities from across the EMEA region to submit their concepts that demonstrate how Epson T series robots could be used in an innovative way.


The competition is only open to Universities, Tertiary education facilities and research

institutes (hereafter known as participating institutions) in the EMEA region.

Applications must be made in the name of the University, Tertiary education facility or

Research Institution and not individuals.

Participating institutions can enter multiple applications, however a maximum of one winning project per institution will be selected

All applications must be submitted by midnight on the 15th December 2018. The winners and runners-up will be announced by email and online (website, social media, press release) on 15th January 2019.



Win up to 3 robots from the Epson T series / VT series to support the implementation of your winning application!

Participants will have the opportunity to win up to 3 Epson T series robots to support the

implementation of the winning application.


Selection Criteria

The winners and runners up will be decided by a panel of judges, based on criteria including:

  1. Innovation: is the application using the robot in a new and innovative manner or to

achieve a new or innovative end goal?

  1. Education: does the application present a learning opportunity that would otherwise

be inaccessible without the robot?

  1. Skills development: does the application support skills development in the field of


  1. Unique robot usage: does the application use the robot in a new way or to automate

tasks other than those seen by the majority or market applications?

  1. Sustainability: does the application use automation to reduce waste or energy

consumption? Has the sustainability of the project or end goal been addressed in

the application?


Visit the Official Website of the Epson Robot Contest 2018 for more information.



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