Competition Alert – St Gallen Symposium “Leader of Tomorrow ” Essay Competition

Compete for the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award and qualify for participation as a Leader of Tomorrow in the world’s premier opportunity for intergenerational debates:
The St. Gallen Symposium.

Join the debate with 600 top global leaders and decision makers.


Share your thoughts, ideas and visions with the global elite

Expenses for travel, board and lodging covered, travel service provided

Meet 200 of the world’s brightest young minds

CHF 20,000 prize money shared by the three winners

Small and intimate gatherings with world leaders, exclusively for the Leaders of Tomorrow

Broad media coverage

Become member of a truly unique and strong global community

Qualify with an excellent essay.

We expect a professional, creative and thought-provoking essay. Be bold, unconventional, and distinctive on the competition question, which will be announced in autumn 2018 for the next competition.


The following criteria must be met:


Essay (max. 2,100 words, excl. bibliography & footnotes)




1 February 2019, 11:59 p.m. last time zone (UTC-12)


Your name must not be mentioned anywhere in the contribution file


Individual work expected, no group work allowed. The essay must be written exclusively for this contest. The idea must be the author’s own.


All sources must be cited and referred to the respective part in the essay. All contributions will be tested for plagiarism.

Essay Question.

Is it as good as it gets? – What approach would you suggest to change the current purpose of capital?

Political volatility, environmental issues, precarious labour markets, technological monopolies, managerial and investment short-termism are only a few challenges we face. The time has come to counter excessive short-termism and start doing business as unusual. Think about the status quo and its implications. What would be an idea to change it? Develop projects or actions you would trust in to bring new and expanded purposes to capital and aim for a long-term positive impact. In your essay you should consider how the use of capital (financial, human, social,…) can solve complex challenges and address substantial changes, be it by individuals, civil society, businesses or governments. Your idea must inspire leaders worldwide to take on responsibility and put it into practice. Be bold and develop a truly impactful concept to win our prestigious award.

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