Chioma Mr Benson and the Whatsapp Message that went Viral

Chioma, Benson and The Whatsapp Chat That Went Viral

On trending today, we have a rather interesting story currently smoking hot on Twitter.

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Now for you peeps that are still in the dark on this…not to worry

I’m here to give you all the juicy details

So here is the story of Chioma, Benson and the Whatsapp Chat that went Viral

Chioma is an unemployed Nigerian and she obviously applied for a job at Mr Benson’s company.

Meanwhile Mr Benson is the HR guy at the company Chioma applied.

Apparently, Chioma was part of the successful candidates for the job and she was contacted.

Then this…conversation happened.

My reaction exactly

As at this moment, we don’t know what happened thereafter but what we can confirm is “MR BENSON WAS BLOCKED”

Meanwhile here is what a few tweeps had to say on this issue.

Tweep 1

This lady thinks Mr. Benson’s approach reeked of unprofessionalism and even mentioned “Flip Cash” being more professional than him. Low Blow!
Chioma wins this round!

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Tweep 2

For this fella, Mr. Benson didn’t do any wrong. What’s wrong with a little informal greeting on a formal business.
Mr. Benson wins this round!

Tweep 3

Two words ‘Gbas Gbos”. Chioma simply has no chill!

Tweep 4

This dude has met a lot of Ugly girls, so he was practically speaking from experience.
Could Chioma be ugly?
Hmm…My Benson won this round!

Tweep 5

Obviously not a Chioma fan! Mr Benson wins.

Tweep 6

At last! Somebody said it! It had to be the village people.

Tweep 7

Somebody said this was obviously cooked up! hmmm…I smell fish.

From these few tweets, it’s obvious Nigerians blamed Chioma more for attitude than Mr Benson Unprofessional opening.

You can see more here

Over to you my loyal readers…what do you think of this case?

Drop your views in the comments section.

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Lol! Village people won this round

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