Cat Suffering from Asthma gets Inhaler

Cats can have asthma, and they also need an inhaler, just like any human.

That was the issue with Alma, a two-year-old cat that was diagnosed with feline asthma after it was taken to animal home.

Alma had been found abandoned on the streets of North West London. She was quickly taken to the vet clinic, where it was discovered that she had issues with her lungs.

“We discovered that Alma had scarring on her lungs, the legacy of a particularly nasty bout of cat flu that she was suffering from when rescued,” Mayhew Animal Home vet doctor, Emma Robinson, said.

‘This caused her persistent bouts of coughing and we later diagnosed her with feline asthma.

“Cats with feline asthma experience persistent and/or recurring inflammation of the small airways within their lungs. The inflammation is caused by overreaction to a stimulus.

“What’s certain is inflammation of the airways causes them to narrow, making breathing more difficult, something only made worse by increased mucus production caused by the inflammation.”

Alma had to be taught to use an inhaler, trained to breathe in through the nozzle.

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