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Can You Pursue A Career In Tech Without Knowing How To ‘Code’?

Career In Tech

Ever heard the term ‘Tech is King’? Well, tech is actually king! With the rise of many companies that are integrating tech to everything, we can readily say that ‘Tech is king’

With so much emphasis on technology and software, tech companies around the world are gradually becoming the most valued by the stock market and investors.

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The idea of working in a tech firm or tech-oriented company is dire refreshing. Spending all that time sitting behind screens writing code all day, still sounds strange to many who don’t understand what it means to be a tech person.

Seeing people do fabulous things with tech can make one wish to do exactly the same, but when you see a line of code, you can ultimately lose interest.

So, can you have/start a career in tech without coding?

The answer is yes. Here are a few things you can do with ‘Tech’ ‘Technically’

User Interface/User Experience Designer

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To do this, you need to have an idea of designing and graphics. I think. User Interface Designers establish the look and feel of a software’s interface. User experience designers (UX) create products with the end-user in mind. Basically, their primary goal is increasing user satisfaction. You really don’t need coding for these.

Software Quality Tester

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Software Quality Testers (SQTs) test the quality of software products prior to public launch to ensure they are working properly.

The field is related to, but separate from, quality assurance (QA). SQTs run various functional, stress, and scalability tests across numerous customer scenarios in efforts to “break” the software with a goal of eliminating bugs and improve the quality improvement of the final product.

Technical Writing

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So you don’t know how to code, or coding looks like a blur to you? You can be a technical writer.

Tech writers are the ones to document everything that goes into developing a website, app, or product. Alongside all of that code and technical jargon is someone who’s writing reports to make everything comprehensible for non-techies.

Project Manager

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Everything in technology is a project. From the proposal stage to the documenting of the scope of work, planning and gathering requirements, to creating the software, attaching it to hardware, implementing it, monitoring, controlling, fixing, and updating.

These are all parts of the software life cycle. And Project Managers are needed to manage these various stages.

So, if you want to start a career in tech, this can be really helpful for you.

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[…] READ NEXT – Can You Pursue A Career In Tech Without Knowing How To ‘Code’? […]


[…] READ NEXT – Can You Pursue A Career In Tech Without Knowing How To ‘Code’? […]


[…] READ ALSO – Can You Pursue A Career In Tech Without Knowing How To Code? […]

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