Campus Conflict – Which Meme Is Your University?

This week, we’ll be doing campus conflict a little different.

We’ll be using gifs to describe eight universities; however we’re trying not to be partial, so four private universities and four public universities are taking a hit.

Just watch out for your university, and which meme describes it best.

1. University of Lagos.

Unilag students are a really special breed. These ones are just enjoying life. If you like attend class, if you like only appear during exams.
Plus with all the activities and faculty week always going on, enjoyment galore!

2. Babcock University.

The students in Babcock are tired. Tired of the rules, tired of the system. The management literally wears them out with rules, do’s and don’ts, name it!

3. University Of Benin.

University of Benin has one of the highest rates of cultism in Nigeria. No be me talk am o!

4. Mountain Top University.

These ones do not just graduate with degrees, they come out of school with prayer warrior certificates.

5. Redeemers University.

How every student feels when they’re finally done.

6. Covenant University.

Literal representation of what that school’s management does to its students.

7. Lagos State University.

This is just exactly how LASU feels; always in the shadow of Unilag.

8. University Of Ilorin.

The hairstyle girls should carry, since attachments are not allowed.

This is the end of today’s campus conflict. If your school is not here, then feel free to let us know which meme best describes yours in the comment box!

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