Campus Conflict – What CU’s Male Hostels Say About Them.

You know that saying: what is good for the goose is also good for the gander?

Well, last week’ campus conflict was all about Covenant University’s female hostels; and what it says about them.

In case you missed that, you have to check it out here

And you know we can not leave the boys behind.

So, let’s see what the male hostels say about CU boys:

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1. Peter Hall.

If you hear Peter hall, just know that these are 100 level boys, and they are screps. You will only find two percent of them that actually do dress well. They’re the ones that carry food flasks to the cafeteria; or wear ankara at night.

No kidding!

2. John Hall.

John hall guys are semi-dead guys. They are not all screps, but then, they are not all there either. You know what I mean.

These are the ones that usually go after 100 level girls.

3.Paul Hall.

Yesss, now, we are coming up small small. Paul hall boys are alright; they’re not bad. These ones are noise makers ehn.

These boys are the ones that do not go for their own means or size. In the evenings; you will see them at their corridors harassing girls that are going to or coming from the cafeteria.

Whenever you pass this hall, prepare yourself for things like; “girl on red skirt, look here now” or ‘‘ as small as you are, na only you wan chop that big rice”

You will literally want the ground to open up and swallow you.

And I’m talking from experience.

4. Joseph Hall.

Now, these are the semi big boys. These ones do not care if you see them half naked. You can go to the hall’s reception; and look up to see boys in very skimpy briefs looking down at you.

5. Daniel Hall.

These are the kings of the entire male student population. These are the big boys of CU. When authorities want to search this hall for contrabands or drug; they have to bring dogs.

No jokes o.

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What school should we do next? The choice is yours!

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