Campus Conflict – What CU’s Female Hostels Says About Female Students.

Covenant University is a very beautiful place, no doubt. It can not even be argued. I mean, just look at that:

You know that saying, ”show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are”? Well, this article is taking that same tone. Except that it’s all about, ”show me your hostel, and I will tell you who you are”.

So, what do the female hostels in Covenant University say about their inhabitants?

Stick with this article long enough, and you will find out!

First, an introduction:

There are five female hostels in Covenant University, and all five of them are equally beautiful. However, they all hold different reputations.

1. Esther Hall.

In Covenant University, Esther hall means one thing: Freshers. Only 100 level students can be found in that hostel; so you should expect a lot of naivety.

Boys do not even like to be seen in front or even around the hall; because of its reputation, and the famous August rush.

August rush is a thing that happens at the beginning of every new session; during which 200 level boys that are not given face by their level girls; rush to select from the freshers once they come in.

2. Mary Hall.

These ones are just in the middle. Mary hall is a mixture of freshers and 200 level students. Most of them are rude and unruly. All these 200 level girls that think they are now seniors.

3. Deborah Hall.

Two of CU's ten halls

Now, we are climbing the maturity ladder slowly. If you hear Deborah hall, one thing that should come to your mind is noisemakers.

Ahhh, these 300 level students can make noise ehn. Majority of them have baes and boos, so in the afternoon, whether it’s a Monday or a Sunday, you will see boys in front.

4. Lydia Hall.

Two of CU's ten halls

This hostel is for 400 level students of four year courses, and 400 level students of five year courses. If you are thinking the noise in Deborah hall is too much; then you are in for a rethinking when you enter Lydia hall.

This hall has most of the big girls and slay queens on campus; the make up gurus and the fashionistas. In fact, Sundays always look like fashion shows.

Yes o, it is that serious.

5. Dorcas Hall.

Two of CU's ten halls

The name alone should make you know that these girls are real matured. These ones are in 500 level. A whole five years o. What have they not seen?

These aunties are just calm. You can enter this hostel at any time of the day, and there won’t be noise.

Do you know any Covenant University Student? Then make sure they see this!

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