Campus Conflict – Unilag vs Unilorin; Which School Is Harder To Get Into?

When it comes to getting admission into the university, the most talked about federal schools are the University of Lagos and University of Ilorin.

Both schools are prestigious in their own right; and they usually get the highest number of applications every year.

And these schools have stringent admission processes; because, come on, not everyone can be given admission.

Do you know how catastrophic that would be?

Anyway, moving on,

You are going to choose which of both schools is harder to get into.

University of Lagos.

You have to agree that Unilag is one of the most wanted schools by students in the country. You’ll see people who could not get in the first time trying again and again.

Forget ASUU strike and whatnot, Unilag is a great school to be in. Talking about freedom, not so stressful school life, etc; which is hy the applications come in huge numbers every year that the school cannot afford to take.

University of Ilorin.

Coming close behind Unilag is the university of Ilorin in the list of most wanted schools. Two years ago, the school had over 120,000 applicants!

And you expect less stringent admission processes?

Now, we have to come to a conclusion; which school do you think has the strictest admission process?

Unilag or Unilorin?

Tell us in the comments!

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