Covenant Babes Vs Unilag Babes

Covenant Vs Unilag


Campus Conflict – COVENANT V UNILAG Who Has The Finest Babes?

Covenant Babes Vs Unilag Babes

So the question has been dropped, do you think UNILAG babes have nothing on Covenant University babes?

Before we start feeding you pictures of beautiful girls on the both schools, let’s take a look at them first. Let’s get to know what Unilag and covenant babes are known for (don’t worry You’ll still see pictures).

Covenant Babes Vs Unilag Babes


Where do I even start? Unilag babes are one of a kind and I am speaking from experience (Don’t Judge me). In unilag alone, It’s a mixture of several breed of finesse.

Covenant Babes Vs Unilag Babes

Unilag babes don’t try hard at all and one funny thing about them is that they follow trends more than their books.


Unilag babes.... How to tell!

It’s only in unilag that a babe can literally wear anything (and TBH, I mean anything) in the name of fashion. There are many kinds of babes on campus (Gist for another day), but more than half of unilag babes are slay queens.

Another thing Unilag babes are known for is their “I don’t care” attitude, don’t try to bring a unilag babe down, you will lose.


Covenant University Babes

If you are looking for babes that come with several package, then CU Is the go to. Covenant University babes are like blended lemons, they can fit in just right to any thing.

Covenant Babes Vs Unilag Babes


CU girls love their high standards and they will do anything to defend their school (again, I’m speaking from experience), wouldn’t you just love that?

Just like anywhere in the world, you will find different kinds of people in a set, in CU, there are many kinds of babes.

There are the caring ones, the meek, the slay queens and slay princesses (and even slay queen wannabes), there are those who don’t give a rat’s ass about anything.


So in my own honest conclusion, girls are girls and you can find beauty in anything and anywhere. I’m just wondering why i had to write this though!

What’s your take, Covenant University babes or Unilag babes, which school is flooding with fine babes?


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