Campus Conflict – Uniben Vs Lautech; Which School Is Notorious For Cultism?

Campus Conflict

Have you ever been harassed by a cultist before? The truth is, If you live on campus, you are likely to experience one or two encounters with these cultists, directly or indirectly.

The thing about cultism is this: It is like the devil, a thief with one purpose; Kill, steal and destroy! The funny thing about this menace is that the cultist doesn’t know that he is also being a danger to himself by just being a cultist.

That said… Today on our campus conflict post, we are looking at two great schools and we are comparing them to cultist activities.

Please note, we are not supporting cultism in Nigerian Universities or elsewhere. We are only shedding light on these activities to bring awareness to our readers.

Campus Conflict

As we proceed, we would also like to point out we are basing this post on an unofficial survey involving students from both schools and beyond.


Now does UNIBEN have more notorious cultist activities compared to LAUTECH?

We are about to find out!

From our unofficial survey, we can find out that the two schools may just be immorally equal. While UNIBEN is popular than LAUTECH, we can say that many people agreed that UNIBEN HAS MORE NOTORIOUS CULTIST ACTIVITIES.

‘UNIBEN is among the top-rated universities in the country, notable for many things among which cultism is one…’  – Mofe from UNIBEN

Campus Conflict – UNIBEN VS LAUTECH

So when we asked our readers, here’s what they had to say.

Man, the cultism here has even reduced, it used to be terrible in 2018′ -Ladipo 

‘Well, I would say it’s UNIBEN, I have not experienced cultists activities here before’ Another student from LAUTECH added

‘In LAUTECH, We don’t have Cultists, just overfed notorious boys, you can’t compare what they do here with what we hear about UNIBEN… The state alone sef has a terror to it!’ – Seyanu

‘I would say it’s UNIBEN… Anyday, every day, It’s UNIBEN – A student from UNIBEN adds.

‘I don’t know about UNIBEN O, but The cultists here are extremelyinhuman’ Kolawole adds

‘I can’t believe the question though, everyone knows that Edo state people are knownforcrazy kind of juju. Every other person is still learning work. The cultism here is too much. Even some girls too are involvedin it. It is too bad. I just hope to do and finishfast’ – Ngozi from UNIBEN.

Lautech is only good for Yahoo Yahoo. Nothing else’ A LAUTECH student also adds.

Campus Conflict

So in summary, according to the survey (unofficial), we can say that UNIBEN has more Notorious cultist activities than LAUTECH.

Do you agree with the points our readers have made? Let us know what you think by using the comment box below. You can also subscribe below to get more posts like this.

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