Campus Conflict – Here Is Why UNILAG Have More Slay Mamas Than UI

Campus Conflict – UNILAG Vs UI

Who is a slay Mama?

In simple terms, anyone who wears the best type of clothing item, who uses the latest iPhone and whose boyfriend is probably driving the latest and trendy car there is. That is a slay mama.

Campus Conflict

Today on our campus conflict post, we are looking at two amazing schools, the University of Lagos and the University of Ibadan as we place them side by side. Comparing which campus has more slay mamas?

As we proceed, we would like to point out that we base this post on an unofficial survey involving students from both schools.


Now let’s look at UNILAG

Who Has More Slay Mama, UNILAG Or UI?

Located In the bubbling area of the Mainland; Yaba, UNILAG prides itself as being the top choice university in the country. With over thousands of applicants yearly, the university is undoubtedly the top choice university in Nigeria.

That said, Does UNILAG have more slay mamas than UI?

From our survey, we can say that many UNILAG student agrees that their school have more slay mamas than UI and here are their reasons.

UNILAG is in Lagos, and that makes it possible for girls (slay mamas) to even find their ultimate goal – Guys with flashy cars and expensive gadgets and accessories.

‘We don’t even need to debate about this, Look at our school and look at UI, the difference is clear, Dogs like bones but they readily eat meat instead of bones’ One UNILAG student also commented.


‘Students from UNILAG don’t even need to try hard for anything! This comparison feels like an insult…Plus, in Unilag we don’t have slay mamas we have slay queens lol’ Another UNILAG medical student added.


The population is also something to consider, UNILAG obviously has more students than UI and the number of slay mama’s is directly proportionate to the number of students.   ∼ Fabbe from Unilag


When it also comes to being social, UI students are not as social as UNILAG students. So an innocent UI babe is likely to go through the University and keep her innocence and sanity intact; they can not say the same of an innocent UNILAG fresher – A U.I student countered


Another UI student added, ‘UI students are too serious. This is their problem, overseriousness. If you enter the school, you will notice it. Seriousness everywhere’

So in summary, according to the survey (unofficial), we can say that UNILAG has more slay mamas than UI (Unofficial)

Do you agree with these points? Let us know your views by using the comment box below.


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