Campus conflict – Covenant or Babcock; which has the worst rules?

Today is another day of campus conflict; and it is between the two best private universities in Nigeria: Covenant University and Babcock University. There is no neutral stand on this; you have to pick one.

Let’s move,

Covenant University

Covenant University (CU) is located in Ota, Ogun State in Nigeria. It is a private Christian university, associated with Living Faith Church Worldwide. Over the years, Covenant University has grown to be one of the leading universities from Nigeria based on annual rankings from various organizations.

The school’s academic programmes runs in four Colleges namely College of Business and Social Sciences (CBSS), College of Leadership Development Studies (CLDS), College of Engineering (COE) and College of Science and Technology (CST). School of Postgraduate Studies.

Its sports facilities are swimming pool, football pitch, lawn tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball courts, etc.

Now, let’s look at those rules:

  1. No phones, no sim enabled devices and no sim card.
  2. You cannot wear jeans on campus. No jeans material at all.
  3. No secular music. If it is not gospel music, you shouldn’t be listening to music at all.
  4. Chapel Services are a must. or you face suspension.
  5. They lock the halls by 9pm sharp.
  6. You cannot leave campus easily.

But there are some good sides:

  1. 15 GB Wifi every month.
  2. All round sports center that caters to different sports.

Babcock University

From the initial four schools, Babcock University has added a postgraduate school in the third quarter of 2010 and a medical school in January 2012. The latest additions are the Music and Educational Foundations departments to the Joel Awoniyi School of Education & Humanities. As at 2013, Babcock hosts nine schools and one college

Now, let’s look at those rules:

  1. No short skirts and long hairstyles
  2. Church services are on saturdays, not sundays.
  3. Girls cannot wear Earrings.
  4. Girls cannot wear trousers, except on sundays, and it expires by 12 pm.
  5. Meat is not allowed within campus; but you can go out of school to buy.
  6. You must not use your earphones on both ears.
  7. You cannot do anything on Saturday – not even laundry.

But there are some good sides:

  1. Phones are allowed.
  2. You can leave campus without so much restrictions.

Which rules can you cope with? Which rules are deal breakers for you?

Let us know!

Did you miss last week’s campus conflict? You’ll find it here:

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Babcock is a bit still better, at least we can use phones‍♀️

Wisdom Ochei
Wisdom Ochei

CU is better in both rules and academics…We eat meat, girls can wear trousers, and we can still work on Sunday….You guys are talking of phones not being allowed, yeah ..phones that are SIM card enabled are not allowed but many other phonle like devices that dont use SIM are allowed like Ipods, tablets and laptops….In CU you can even block your ears with earpiece even if you are in the road


Babcock is better in terms of rules buy academically CU is ranked higher

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