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Campus Conflict – Bowen vs Caleb: Which University Is More Beautiful?

This week’s campus conflict is all about Bowen and Caleb Universities; which school do you think is finer? Moreover, we will be using pictures to judge, so get ready!

Before we launch into the arguments, let’s do a quick introduction:

Bowen University: Bowen is a private Baptist Christian Nigerian school owned and also operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Additionally, the school is located at Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria, and is housed in the old campus of the Baptist College, a teacher-training institution on a hill just outside the city.

Caleb University: The school is also a private school located in Imota, Lagos, Nigeria. Furthermore, the school started full academic program with admission of its first set of students; a total of 83 male and 58 female students on Monday, 7 January 2008.

Okay, now less talking, and more pictures!

Bowen University.

Caleb University.

The pictures have spoken!

Let’s hear your judgement.

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