He Brought A Girl That Has Feelings For Him To His Apartment…

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Heyy guys.

It’s Thursday! Yass, the weekly episodes of Only On Vasiti – Agony Aunt.  If you’re joining us for the first time, you’re welcome. Agony Aunt is a relationship counsellor, so to say. You send your relationship issues to her email address and she gives you probable solutions every Thursday.

Having said that, how are your love lives, guys? I hope you guys are happy with your significant others or happy being single? We should always remember that our happiness lies within us alone and is not dependent on someone else.

Moving to the deal of the day, we should understand that we have to completely let go in order to move on and be happy. Let’s look at this report.

“Heyy Agony Aunt. I have this issue. So my boyfriend brought this girl to his apartment knowing fully well that she has feelings for him. According to him, nothing happened and he brought her in when his roommate was around and she didn’t stay for long. Honestly, I don’t think I can believe or trust him again. I fear we would never be the same. Keep me anon”

Thing is it may be hard to find out if he’s lying or not. If you decide to forgive him you just have to let go and find new ways to trust him.  You have to do this for the relationship to go on smoothly and happily. 

It may be hard,  but you just have to try and believe him.  He may be telling the truth.  Also,  keep your eyes opened and your head active. You love him does not mean you’re a fool. 

If the relationship is not the same anymore after a while and there’s nothing else that can be done,  feel free to leave.  Your happiness matters, girl.

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Have a lovely love life. ?

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