Naira Marley EFCC

Breaking News – EFCC Allegedly Arrests Naira Marley

After releasing audio and visuals for his latest single ‘am I a Yahoo boy?’  EFCC nabs Naira Marly

Singer, Naira Marley has been reportedly arrested by men of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

According to Premium TimesAzeez Fashola popularly known as Naira Marley has been arrested by men of the EFCC and is being questioned.

It is not clear the reason behind his arrest but it could be connected to his recent comments on Internet fraudsters on social media.

Naira Marley EFCC

Naira Marley broke the Internet a few weeks ago when he made comments suggestive of his sympathy towards Internet fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo Boys.’

There were divergent views over his comments from Nigerians and even among celebrities. Even though he explained the reason behind his comments, many felt he was only trying to save his face.

Naira Marley’s statement on Internet fraud is shocking

On Friday, April 19, 2019, the singer in an Instagram post implied that anyone who knows about slavery would not consider Internet scams as a crime.

He wrote: ‘If you know about slavery you go know say yahoo no be a crime’

Naira Marley’s comment about yahoo-yahoo is coming a week after another Nigerian singer, Simi criticized internet fraudsters asking them not to buy her CDs or watch her YouTube videos again.

The music star in a video where he spoke in the Yoruba dialect, revealed that the reason he made those comments about internet fraud was because of the decay in the system and manner at which the government runs the country.

According to him, the money in the country continues to circulate among some prominent politicians.

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“All the money, you are spending, all the money you guys are spending, it’s the government that is making it go round. you better sit down and pray for yahoo guys, if they (government) stop yahoo, the money will just go from Obasanjo to Tinubu to Mr Japa. You think I need Yahoo. I don’t need Yahoo. I make money from music’

“I’m Just telling, he who has ears let them hear. I’m only revealing things to you through this talk. All the money that is being circulated from the woman that sells pepper to the woman that sells palm oil and to the runs girls (prostitutes) and he spends on you for you to get a cab and buy stuff, where do you think money is coming from?”

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