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Agony Aunt: My Boyfriend Is Not Attracted To Me Because I am Now Pregnant

I am pregnant
Agony Aunt

Heyy guys. It’s Thursday! Yass, the weekly episodes of Only On Vasiti – Agony Aunt.  If you’re joining us for the first time, you’re welcome. Agony Aunt is a relationship counselor, so to say. You send your relationship issues to her email address and she gives you probable solutions every Thursday.

Having said that, how are your love lives, guys? I hope you guys are happy with your significant others or happy being single? We should always remember that our happiness lies within us alone and is not dependent on someone else.

Moving to the deal of the day, we shall be looking at:

My Boyfriend Is Not Attracted to Me  Because I am now Pregnant”

I am pregnant
Relationship issues

So, I got a report that because the girl became pregnant, the boyfriend stopped being attracted to her.

Let us look at the report. 

“Hey Agony Aunt I am writing because my boyfriend has lost interest in me because I am pregnant. I no longer entice him both sexually and otherwise. At least that’s what the past few months have shown me. We were so in love when we met. I literally could.not place anything in the world above him. He was handsome, loyal and very sensitive to my emotions. All I wanted in a man. I am a student of business management in one of the universities in Nigeria. We started dating a year ago. He never relented in his efforts. We had a no penetrative sex policy. Meant we could only make out, nothing more, nothing less. One day we both were making out and we both were really horny. He begged me to have sex I disagreed but after several attempts, I let him have his way. He took my virginity and surprisingly I fell more in love with him. He reciprocated. That all changed after we were careless and i got pregnant for him. He claimed responsibility. He is from a well to do family and that is why I am not bothered about our child not being taken care of. BUT he neglects me, he is no longer sensitive to my emotions, he no longer touches me. Recently I discovered he was sexting with another girl and I am worried. I have deferred my schooling to take care of our baby. But I am afraid he may leave me now that I need him more than ever. Please advise me and keep me anonymous.”

I am pregnant
Relationship issues

The Solution.

Hmm. This is a very sensitive issue because I know men would not want to be tied down by women being pregnant  especially when they still have a long way to go. However, in situations like this, you just have to take full responsibilities, not just for the child, but also for the pregnant girl.

Why neglect her? It may be hatred, but it’s not her fault entirely that she became pregnant. It takes two to tango. It would be wrong to completely blame the woman for opening her legs to the man and then forget that the man also had a fault by even having sex without a condom when  he is clearly not ready to become a father.

I wouldn’t advise her to abort the child. But you could try talking to the man. Remind him how you guys were before this happened. However, the moment he becomes physically abusive and even emotionally abusive, you have to leave. Your mental and physical health matters. Just insist that he continues to pay the child fees. You would find someone that would love you more, even in this condition .

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