People who did not know the meaning of Assurance have found a new meaning to the word, a meaning which has placed guys under pressure to reward their girls’ “Endurance” with “Assurance”.

This whole saga started when the news of davido allegedly acquiring a 45 million naira worth of Porsche for his girlfriend Chioma broke out in the early hours of Tuesday (May 1).

  1. The Porsche which was customised with the name “Assurance” was a gift to Chioma on her 23rd birthday celebration. He also dropped a new single which was titled Assurance which was dedicated to her.

Davido who had had two kids from different women recently started flooding his timeline with pictures of himself and Chioma.
The duo who has been seen doing everything together including vacation trips, the latest been a trip to Barbados.

The internet was thrown into frenzy over Davido’s gift to Chioma while some celebrities like P-square felt davido was being romantic. Others like Ay the comedian, Seyi law, etc felt Davido just raised the stakes for them when it comes to buying gifts for their women.

With the table Davido has shaken, Nigerian girls had gone on various online platforms to rant about Chioma not having “two heads” yet the only assurance they get from their boyfriends is suya. #LOL

When davido was asked why he loves chioma he said ,
“She was the only one who treats his kids like her own and when she cooks, she makes sure to serve everybody” which poses the question
” how many ladies can take care of someone else’s child her own? ”

We tend to flow in the rave of the moment forgetting the series of events that brought about the moment
Chioma was with davido for 5 years even while he cheated.
“how many ladies can tolerate being disrespected multiple times like that?”
“or was it that money could buy her loyalty?

I believe this is Chioma’s time your time is coming don’t get caught up in the moment but rather take a minute to study the series of events that might have brought about the moment.

In conclusion, we do recollect Davido’s told his first baby mama (Sophia Momodu) that he couldn’t imagine a life without her.


“Well, will Chioma and Davido’s Love last? ”
Only time will tell.

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