BBNaija2018: Big Brother Pulled A Different BallGame On The Housemates On Monday Nomination Show

Big brother pulled a different stunt on Monday night as the eviction list of the housemates was released.It was really out of the blue.

The housemates were nominated In this order viz:

Mina – BamTeddy & LoTo

VanDee – MiNa & CeBi

PriTo – CeBi & MiNa

RiNneka – MiNa & LoTo

BamTeddy – MiNa & LoTo

LoTo – CeBi & MiNa

CeBi – VanDee & LoTo

LeoLex – Angleifu & MiNa

Angelifu – CeBi & MiNa

KSquared – CeBi & VanDee

No one expected the fact that Lolu and Anto would be the third highest with 4 votes and that is how the tensed housemates gathered their heads in the parlour after the votes to know their fate.Big Brother was really crazed with instability this time around,he just broke their hearts with the fact that all the housemates except Khloé and K Brule would be up for Nomination since they are all bad eggs anyway.Khloe was given a chance to save a pair which was Leo and Alex.

Therefore,other housemates can be evicted this week except Khloé,K Brule, Leo and Alex.Do you think Big brother is a larger than life show? There are many things that would change in life.Rules are no exceptions.

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