Ankara Styles 101 – How To Make An Ankara Bag.

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On last week’s episode, we looked at different things that would be made with ankara.
On today’s episode of Only On Vasiti – Trendy Tuesday, we shall be looking at how to make an Ankara bag.

This ankara bag making tutorial will help you to solve both minor and big problems in ankara bags making. First of all you need to know what essential things you are to have for making bags with ankara designs.

Preparatory Stage.
Some old bag, clutch, wallet or purse1

• Ankara fabric

• Glue

• Knife

• Scissors

Your first step should be the preparation of some bag, it can be both worn-out or shabby, this doesn’t matter due to the fact that it finally would be wrapped into Ankara fabric. Making Ankara accessories would make your outlook more fashionable and elegant. Just believe me!

Making Of The Bag.

The next thing you should do is to take your ankara fashion fabric and cut with the scissors needed piece of material for your future ankara designs masterpiece.

It is important you have to take some more material in order some is left for the inner part of the wallet or bag. Leave at least 5 cm of Ankara material.
When the manipulations with ankara are over, you have to glue the fabric to the surface of the bag or purse. Bear in mind that the glue you make use of should be very high-quality one to avoid unpleasant things, such as places where the fabric isn’t so tight with the bag, where the glue hasn’t done the work properly.

When choosing the bag you had to save the clips and buttons which were adjusted to it, so now it’s time to make use of them and to place them back there they were present so as to make your beaded bags look really cute.

Another important procedure in my ankara bag making tutorial is gluing inner parts of your future ankara designs, in particular, creating some compartments for more convenience

The final and very crucial process is decoration of your ankara collections – this means you need to turn to your imagination, creativity and vividness of your fantasies to make the final version of your masterpiece look absolutely attractive and arousing wishes to have the same one.
As elements of décor you are given the chance to take and turn to any additional items, for example, some buttons, shiny things, other kinds of fabric, small metal constructions, leather details, flowers and other hand-made elements that will make your bag look really sophisticated.

Hope that after reading this article you have become fully aware of an interesting procedure of Ankara bag making. Good luck and new Ankara styles bags to your Ankara collection.?

Please, if you have any question or comments, feel free to drop them at the comments section below.

If you haven’t read our last week’s episode of Only On Vasiti – Trendy Tuesday, the link has been provided above. Please, do well to read the article.

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