Ankara bags.


Ankara Styles 101 ?

On today’s episode of Only On Vasiti – Trendy Tuesday, we shall be looking at the flexibility and multitasking nature of Ankara fabric.

Summer is around the corner, and I’m sure everyone would love to look their best. One thing about ankara that amazes me is the various colours imprinted on the material. The colour blocking has this unexplainable way of bringing out the style of the dress. ?

But hey, apart from the stereotypical way of rocking ankara, that’s either by sewing a dress or jumpsuits or pant trousers with the Ankara, there are other amazing ways to rock the material. So if you have an Ankara material that you do not know what to use it for, this post would be helpful. Let’s look at some of these styles. ?

Ankara heels.

● You could use Ankara to wrap one of your pumps. You could also go to stores that have these readily available.

Ankara sandals.

○ Sandals could also be wrapped with Ankara.

Ankara bags.

○ You could also rock your ankara by making an Ankara bag.

Ankara accessories.

● Ankara accessories could also be made with just a few yards of ankara material.

○ Ankara bow ties would be a perfect gift for the loyl. ?

Ankara belts

○ Yass, even belts could be wrapped with Ankara.

Ankara phone cases.

● Ankara phone cases with just few yards of the material.

You could also make Ankara books, a lot of amazing things that can be created with Ankara. There are also Ankara headwraps. I saw them on Vasiti, really amazing. You should check them out on the Vasiti store.

If you have any questions or comments, please, feel free to drop them at the comments section below.

Maybe, we’d deal with how these things are made on the coming episodes of Only On Vasiti, Trendy Tuesday – Ankara Styles 101 (How to make an Ankara Book). So stay fixed to Vasiti Magazine. ?

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