Animal prints materials for Men; Yes or No?

Can men successfully rock animal print materials?


To answer the above question, I’d say it’s a YES and NO.  Some guys are simply the T-shirt type and prefers their shirt and pants in neutral colors like black, grey and the likes but wearing prints materials Is a whole new level for them.


To justify my YES,

Some men knows what looks good on them and are confident enough to rock clothes in animal prints and yes they “slay” in it.

While others aren’t afraid to take fashion risks in other words, they are always excited at the thought of trying something new everyday.

They welcome the idea of going a little overboard with their outfits everyday.





To justify the NO


Some guys are simply comfortable with their regular outfit and trying something new is a little too much for them.

While some are indifferent about trying something new, others are simply opposed to the idea of walking around looking like a “leopard” or any other animals in fact.

Some aren’t confident enough to rock such materials and are afraid it might not look good on them.


In conclusion, if you are not afraid to try something new then I’d say go for it and if you are skeptical about it I’ll say you can start by wearing prints jackets, or shirt something subtle otherwise,  you stick to what makes you comfortable.

While wearing prints jackets, bear in mind that the inner  T-shirt should be a plain color preferably white or black where else can you get quality T-shirt if not here on Vasiti.com.




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