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Aisha Buhari vs Fatima Daura – The Story Behind The Viral Video; and How Twitter is Reacting.

A man that cannot handle the affairs of his family, how then can he handle the affairs of an entire nation?

This is the question running through the mind of Nigerians ever since the interview with Mamman Daura’s daughter, Fatima emerged.

In case you are confused;

  • Mamman Daura is President Muhammadu Buhari’s nephew.
  • Daura has been living in the glass house apartment, in the Presidential villa for three years.

Last week, a video of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, complaining about being denied access to her apartment in the villa, circulated round social media; amidst rumours of Buhari’s alleged marriage to Sadiya.

Fatima Daura, in an interview, confirmed that although she took the video, she never intended for it to go viral the way it did.

She further explained that the first lady got violent towards her and her elder sister; as they were packing their things out of the glass house on their father’s requests.

Apparently, the son of the president, Yusuf, is back home from Germany where he was undergoing treatment after an accident.

Now that he is back, Buhari told Daura to move into an even bigger apartment in the villa; while Yusuf occupies the glass house to allow easy access to his mother.

However, according to Fatima, mid way into packing their belongings; Aisha stormed in after allegedly breaking the door with a metal chair; shouting, raging and acting all sorts of violent towards them and even the security guard.

Nigerians are reacting enormously to the interview, barely hours after its release:

In a press interview, Aisha Buhari confirmed that the video was an old one, and Fatima took it in the presence of her security officers, whose hands were tied to do anything because Fatima is Daura’s daughter.

This raises the question of who exactly is running the country?

Buhari or Daura?

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