Agony of a negligent mother.


She was the life of the party, her smile could light up your day and her beauty is heavenly.
She was the most optimistic, the one that brings everybody’s spirit up when they are down, she was the definition of beauty and brains.
She had everything money could buy and she was worth millions herself.
She was ALICE.
Wailing on every angle and the question ‘what happened ‘? Why are you crying? Rang out simultaneously.
Alice is dead they said, she committed suicide.
No, it can’t be. How could someone full of smiles think of committing suicide? They ask amidst themselves.
No, she was definitely killed, Alice couldn’t have committed suicide. She had everything, she even uses the latest gadgets why would she want to take her life after having those luxury. The shallow thinkers bickered amidst themselves.
I am sure she was trying to get her parents to get her some of those designer stuff she carries about, she was a spoilt child from birth, always crying whenever her parents refuses her something. The envious friends said.
Little did they know that since Alice clocked ten, she had been Sam’s sex slave. As she grew older the brutality and threats from Sam became worse. None of her friends ever asked if she was okay since she always looked happy.
Alice couldn’t take it anymore and death seem like a better choice. She took her own life.
I know this because I was never around for her,
I know this because I read her suicide note,
I know this because she died in my arms ,
I know this because Sam is my brother,
I know this because Alice is my daughter.


Check on your strong friend today. Depression is real.




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