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Agony Aunt Series: We Agreed To Be Best Friends But Now He’s Ghosting

Hello readers, It’s another Agony Aunt Series.

It’s another Thursday and Thursdays are for relationship advice with me, your one and only Agony Aunt.

We got this submission during the week and we would like to share this reader’s story with the rest of you. Feel free to comment after the post.

Dear Agony Aunt,

My ex is my best friend, or so I thought.

After we broke up, we both agreed to be best friends. Our relationship wasn’t toxic and I for one enjoyed his company after the whole break up.

We broke up because the relationship was not working. We were friends, then lovers, but we realized that it wasn’t working, so we decided to stay friends.

Just a few weeks after the breakup, we’ve had good times together and enjoying each others company.

All that switched up really fast, now he’s nowhere close to being a friend, I reach out, and he’s not there. He is literally invincible to me. No replying of my text or returning my calls. I’m scared, I want my best friend back. What do I do?

Dear Friend,

So, this is tricky!

I think perhaps your relationship has become a bit unhealthy. It’s not quite unusual for couples to start off as friends then progress to being in a romantic relationship.

However, the back and forth movement of your relationship may just be the reason for his ghosting you. To break up with someone then stay such good friends with them that you talk to them every day is not entirely reasonable.

I mean, once or twice a week I can understand, but every day?

Why don’t you two just get back together? Seriously.

Your behaviour is almost like that of BF / GF thing.

So, answering your question and this is going to be hard. ‘YOU NEED TO MOVE ON’ it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to stay friends with you.

I get that you miss him, but some things aren’t going to change with the wave of a wand. You just need to move on.

He doesn’t want to be friends with you. He wants a relationship.

Again, Move on!

I hope I have been helpful…

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