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Agony Aunt Series: My New Girlfriend Is Always Glued To Her Phone

Hello readers, It’s another Agony Aunt Series.

It’s another Thursday and Thursdays are for relationship advice with me, your one and only Agony Aunt.

We got this submission during the week and we would like to share this reader’s story with the rest of you. Feel free to comment after the post.

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Dear Agony Aunt,

I don’t what to do, my Girlfriend is always on her phone.

It’s all probably in my head but it’s becoming too much and causing me great concern. Although the relationship is still new I feel like this is something I need to handle now before it gets out of hand.

So, the other day, it took every amount of begging to get her to agree going out for a party with me.

Now we’re at the party and after connecting with my friends, she brings out her phone and starts texting. I tried telling her to get off her phone without sounding controlling but she didn’t get it.

So I text her on WhatsApp, she reads and ignores. After the party, we talked about it and she apologized but she still hasn’t changed. She’s still always glued to her phone texting men up and down.


Dear Friend,

I think perhaps your relationship is still in its pilot stage. It’s not quite unusual for couples who are just starting to have this kind of problem.

Well, your girlfriend is probably not yet into the whole thing. It’s bad enough that you have to ‘beg’ her to hang out with you.

However, I think your solution is quite simple. You guys need to talk in-depth about your situation. Explain to her why you need her to stop using her phone when she’s with you. So many girls also like having a lot of attention. Are you sure you are giving her the right attention?

If you are, then the solution is the in-depth conversation I mentioned earlier. In the end, you’ll both be fine. The relationship is still young, so you need to invest in it. Patience is very important. Never forget that.

I hope I have been helpful in this answer.

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