Agony Aunt Series – My Boyfriend Is Too Insecure.

How can people deal with insecurity in a relationship?

Before you answer that, check out the mail I got last week:

Dear Agony Aunt,

My man and I have been together for six months, and while he’s loving and everything I could ask for in a man, he’s just too insecure.

He is always hovering me, my whereabouts, who I’m texting, who I’m on the phone with.

If I’m picking a call in his presence, it has to be on loudspeaker.

I have never cheated, and I never will; but it’s just sickening and controlling. I can’t live like this. I’m starting to resent him.

Here’s how I replied:

Dear Writer,

You have every reason to be fed up. The thing about this kind of behavior is that, it gets worse with time.

So, if you’re thinking it is going to change, then you’re in for a long, different ride. Also, overtime, attitudes such as this evolve into abuse.

My advise? Run while you can.

What do you think?

Drop your advice for her.

Meanwhile, are you having relationship issues you want to talk about?

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But the thing is that since he’s insecure why don’t you have a talk with him and find out why he’s so paranoid ;might be an experience he’s had with past relationships

Oyindamola Awosika

Hm another angle


I can’t deal with an insecure partner

Oyindamola Awosika

Same here


Run for your life before he starts beating you

Oyindamola Awosika



Na you sabi

Oyindamola Awosika


Shola Babalola
Shola Babalola

Hmm e be things

Oyindamola Awosika

E be things o

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