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Agony Aunt Series – My Boyfriend is Still Friends With His Ex!

One constant issue that keeps coming up in relationships is exes. Every week, I get a lot of questions relating to that.

Do I really have to stop talking to my ex when I enter a new relationship? Can I not remain friends with my ex? My ex and I have no feelings left for each other, so why can’t we be friends?

Agony Aunt Series is going to answer these questions.

Before we face these questions, let’s take a look at this mail I got just few days ago:

Dear Agony Aunt,

I have this issue that has been bothering me for a while now, and I can’t hold it in anymore. When I met my boyfriend, he was freshly out of a relationship; we became friends for a while, and after few months, we started dating.

We have been dating for almost four months, and of course I expected that he would cut off all communication with his ex; but that it not the case.

I have told him severally that I am not comfortable with him maintaining contact with his ex girlfriend, but it still does not change!

Am I asking too much, or am I being too demanding? It’s not like I am in contact with my exes too, because that’s how I think it should be.

Or am I wrong?

This is my take on it:

Dear Writer,

You do have a point. Your boyfriend does not need to maintain contact with his ex girlfriend, most especially when there is no business relationship between them.

Your relationship is still very young. If you have communicated how uncomfortable him still contacting his ex makes you, and he still does not do anything about it; then perhaps you should end things.

Every person should respect their relationships enough to completely cut off communication with their exes. If your partner is finding it hard to do that, then maybe there are still feelings there.

And you should probably run. As fast as you can.

Have you got any advice for her? Let’s hear them!

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