Agony Aunt Series

Agony Aunt Series – I am not attracted to my girlfriend anymore.

It is another week of Agony aunt, and we’ll be looking at attraction.

What even is attraction? Everyday we hear people talking about attraction this, attraction that. Talking about I still love her, but I do not feel attracted to her.

Let’s look at this mail a guy sent me last week:

Dear Agony Aunt,

My fianceé and I have been dating for the past three years, and we have been living together since the very beginning of our relationship. I love her with all my heart, God knows I do, but I just do not feel attracted to her anymore. She does not appeal to me anymore.

It is not even her body or size or whatever, because she still looks very good. I just do not feel any attraction. It is like the spark is just gone.

I have been trying so hard to hide all of this from her, so she does not suspect anything; but it is becoming harder and harder everyday.

This is someone I have been dating for three years plus, I really do not want to hurt her, and I really want things to work.

What do I do?

Cases like this are not rare at all; I get mails like this regularly, and it honestly baffles me to a large extent.

First off, you have been living together for how many years? three? Maybe you should pull the brakes on that, you know, start over. Get the attraction thing going again.

Think about the things that made you attracted to her in the first place. Maybe this is just a case of see finish. See finish is explained exactly as it sounds. It basically means that you have seen everything about your partner to the point that you begin to think there is nothing new anymore.

But I assure you, there is. You just have to do the work. The both of you.

Most times when people talk about sparks dying off, or the sparks not being there anymore, it mostly just stems from reluctance to work things out.

Perhaps, you are tired of the relationship and so, you are using no attraction as an excuse.

Break away from that normal routine you two have. Do things differently! There are many ways to get the sparks flying again. Try a little romance to spice things up.

You will thank me later.

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