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Agony Aunt Series – How Do I Tell My Partner That The Sex Is Now Too Much?

How important is sex in a relationship? Should there even be anything as sex-before-marriage?

While in both cases, the answer is subjective to people in a relationship, the truth is ‘sex’ is part of our lives as human beings.

The other day, I was having a very tough conversation with a friend and she said: “What’s the fuss about sex, Nowadays, it’s like the most talked about thing in the world, ew!”

Here’s My Own Take On The Issue Of Sex

Sex is a necessary activity for adults that is important for wellness, stable state of mind and a sense of connection to the person they are having the activity with. What’s your take on this?

Moving On,

Last week, I received an email from a man and a woman in distress. Both were complaining about the same thing:

“My Partner Wants It All The Time”

Let’s look at the two stories…

The Man

Dear Agony Aunt,

I am a young graduate and I just recently got married to the woman of my dreams. I love her with all that is in me, but there is just one problem I have come to realize. You see, I am a very principled and traditional person. I love the idea of sex after marriage and I honor the bible that says I should wait before I get married, that’s why I never touched my wife until our marriage night.

That night, the sex was memorable! I remember how good it felt! And boy, she was as tight as a rock. Yes, I have had sex with other girls before that’s how I know this. Moving on, she wants me to do her all the time! We are only a month into the marriage and I felt like I’ve had all the sex I would with her in one lifetime. I am exhausted.

The other day at work, she texted me and said she was madly horny and can’t wait for my joystick. It turned me on; I had to leave work and go service her for fear of her looking outside. The reason I keep giving it to her is because of this fear… Fear of her going out to get another man’s joystick; In an actual sense, I am exhausted!

The Woman

Dear Agony Aunt,

I am a young lady living in Lagos with a fiance who is a hot bloke! We have been in a relationship for what, three years now? and it was only two months ago that he proposed to me and of course I said yes.

From when we started dating till the point where he proposed to me we only had sex once, from then when he proposed to me till now, we have had sex countless time I can’t remember. It’s like after I said yes to marrying him, it just brought out the beast in him. Initially, when we had the first sex, it put him in a bad place. He had always said he wanted sex after marriage and I didn’t care when, so we got down that once and never had done it again till now.

Now, he won’t stop, we can have an all-night session with him doing all sorts of skills I never knew he had. o ti sunmi o! We’re not married, and it’s already like this… How do I get over this

Do you have any advice for these two?

You can let us know from the comment section

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1 thought on “Agony Aunt Series – How Do I Tell My Partner That The Sex Is Now Too Much?

  1. Bro, Thank God u have a wife that is alwz needing u to give it to her. what if she was not allowing u to touch her.

    Let’s put it this way, turn the issue around I look at it if u were ur wife, what would have happen errrhhhh….

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