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Agony Aunt Series: “Help! My Boy-Friend Has A Female Best-Friend”

Heyy, guys.

So, I’m back with another episode of Only On Vasiti – Agony Aunt Series. Today, we shall be looking at best friends and third parties in the relationship. Let’s look at this complaint.

Hiii, Agony Aunt.
I have this huge problem that has been bugging my mind. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 months now. We met in school, and he is in my class. I totally totally love him, and I know he loves me too. But he has this girl best-friend. They’ve been besties since year one. I really really do not like the way they are very close. They are always together. People even think she is the girlfriend. Sometimes, I feel really awkward about their friendship.
It’s even worse now that her and her boyfriend have broken up, so I fear that she would be disturbing my boyfriend for comfort. I’ve told him before that I don’t like their friendship and he said that I’m his number one before anyone else, but I’m still worried.
What do I do?
– Anonymous.

Hmm, female bestfriends? What’s that?? Hello, I’m your girlfriend, I’m supposed to be your girlfriend, bestfriend and confidant all wrapped in one. ??

But let’s look at this. They’ve been best friends since year one and you guys have been dating for two months. You really don’t expect him to push his bestfriend aside just to please you.

It would be really petty and childish. And yes, he is dating you does not mean he should not have other friends. He’s not in a cage, he is in a relationship, there should still be some level of freedom to do what he wants without compromising your feelings.

If you’re beginning to feel somehow about the friendship, talk to him. If he assures you that nothing is going on, then believe and trust him. That’s why y’all dating right? Because you trust him.

But, please, third parties in the relationship are just rough play. They can legit ruin the relationship within a twinkle of an eye.

Let’s understand that the relationship is just for two people- the boyfriend and the girlfriend, any other person is just a meddlesome interloper, to be very honest.

Your partner should be the first person you should tell problems to, first person you confide in, first person you run to and what not. If your best friend is the first person you do all these things with, then you have a problem and you need to check yourself and your relationship.

An article in emotional infidelity has been written on Vasiti, check it out on the link below.


And, we need to understand that our partners have feelings. Reduce the way you probably hang out with the best-friend since your partner does not like it. You could also inform your partner whenever you and the bestfriend want to hang out.

So, yeah this can be settled with communication, trust, understanding and compromise.

If you have any questions or comments or advice on this issue, please feel free to drop your comments on the comments section below.

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See y’all next week Thursday. ?

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