Agony Aunt Series

Agony Aunt Series: ‘Help, I’ve Married A Feminist’

Hello beautiful readers, It’s another episode of your favorite relationship post on Vasiti Magazine.

Today, we are looking at a very controversial issue, yes, you’ll see why I said so.

First, let’s look at the summary of the story;

So, James (Pseudo-name) is married to Mercy (Pseudo-name), and they have been married for two years with no kids and no problem whatsoever.

Mercy was a loving wife, always taking care of her husband and doing things to please him, James was literally living the life, enjoying every moment of it, but all that changed when Mercy read a column from a magazine James bought for her in September.

Let’s look at the full gist

Dear Agony Aunt,

This is going to be hard. In fact, this is hard! When I married my wife, she was the typical loving Nigerian wife. The kind everyman wanted. Mercy would spend time cooking, cleaning and typically taking care of me. Before we married, she was a renowned stylist and beauty specialist and I have never been proud like the day I asked her to be my wife and she said yes!

Fast forward to the first two years of our marriage, she was still doing her work but as age set in, her relevance to the industry slowly died so she resorted to being a full-time wife. We never had any issues whatsoever till she read a column off a magazine I had bought for her.

The Magazine enlisted some successful businesswomen and what they stand for (Feminism). Now, all of a sudden my wife has changed.

She no longer takes care of me like before, she no longer waits till I finish my food after work. She just serves, gets in on small talks and leaves. The other day, I didn’t clear the table and she literally asked me ‘who do you expect to pack this?’

I am scared of what she has become, although we have not talked about this, I’m afraid of the outcome. I love my wife and I don’t want her to be like those feminist they display everywhere in the media.

Please help me!

Tough Right? But this is what I had to say about this:

Dear Friend,

Well, I think whatever I say to you, you may hold it against me, so I employ you don’t!

That said, from everything you have mentioned, I don’t think your wife is a feminist (at least not yet). In life, there’s something called a midlife crisis and it happens to both men and women!

Your wife could be experiencing a midlife crisis at this point; consider this: A renowned stylist and beauty specialist that is no longer getting deals and contracts, what’s likely to happen? You know the answer.

That said, Let’s say she is a ‘feminist’ so what? It now depends on her type of feminism and all. There is nothing wrong with her asking you to clear your own table. She is your wife and not your maid.

However, I think you should have a conversation with her. Don’t go with the idea that she is a feminist but go with the idea that she may be going through a midlife crisis.

I hope I have been helpful.

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Mannie A
Mannie A

If being a feminist means disrespecting your husband then it’s crap. A lot of women don’t know what feminism really is…smh

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