Religious Conflicts Are About To Tear My Relationship Apart…

Agony Aunt.

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You know, sometimes, it’s okay to have conflicts in your relationship, but the moment you have conflicts about something you are sentimental about, lol, then that’s really messy and shitty.

I’d explain why I’m saying this. Take a look at this report…

“Hi, please keep me anonymous. There’s this guy I really like. Lol, he is my boyfriend, actually.  We have been dating for 4 months now. But to be honest ehn , I’m scared we would break up soon. The thing is that he is a Muslim and I’m a Christian. I knew before we started dating, but I loved him. It’s not like he is forcing me to go to the mosque or anything, he is just against Christianity. And I love my religion. We have arguments a lot about Christianity and he always knocks me down with points about how confused my religion is. It irritates me a lot, but I think it irritates him more. I don’t want us break up because I’m just coming out from a break up. I cannot get heart broken again. I just can’t. Epp me. ??”

I am not going to justify any religion or talk against any religion. We are just going to find possible solutions for her to be happy. That’s what matters right? Last last, she go dey alright.

There are just certain things that we are just really sentimental about. If anyone tries to talk against those things, it is like an insult to our being.

The girl here has a high sentimental value for her religion, the guy here also has his own sentimental values, and that’s very okay. What’s not okay is when these sentimental values begin to conflict. It’s war, tbh.

They both knew they were not of the same faith and belief, but as they say, love is blind. Now they are in the relationship, it’s hard for the religious beliefs to find a balance.

I would not advise any of them to change their religious beliefs for the other. That’s too far, but if any of them can without any inconvenience, then so be it.

I know guys hate it when you try to talk them into something they do not like or they do not want them to do at all. It irritates them a lot. So girl, if you are preaching to him about Christianity,  you would need to stop immediately if you don’t want a breakup. The more you do it, the more space and barrier you are creating between you both.

He is a Muslim by nature, if you’re not comforts with it, then you guys should talk about a consensus separation, because there is no way a discussion about religion would not ensue between you both while you are dating.

The conversations may even get to the extreme, by saying  hurtful things you both would later regret.

If there is a way to ensure that such religious talks do not happen anymore, then please, make sure they do not happen, because the more they happen, the more irritation and hatred would creep in into your relationship.

If there is however no way to ensure these talks do not arise again, I would advise you both to separate for the best. You’re scared of a heartbreak?  More good things of life would come. You both would find someone with the same beliefs and interests.

There’s something I’ve learnt in this life. Falling down is an accident, but staying down is a choice. We feel pain once in a while, it’s part of life, but the moment you let the pains dictate your happiness and whether or not you would move on, then you are doing yourself.

If you have any comments or advise, please, let’s have them in the comments section below.

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Have a lovely love life. ?

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