Agony Aunt – My Boyfriend Keeps Calling me His Ex’s name.

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Heyy guys. It’s Thursday! Yass, the weekly episodes of Only On Vasiti – Agony Aunt.  If you’re joining us for the first time, you’re welcome. Agony Aunt is a relationship counsellor, so to say. You send your relationship issues to her email address and she gives you probable solutions every Thursday.

Having said that, how are your love lives, guys? I hope you guys are happy with your significant others or happy being single? We should always remember that our happiness lies within us alone and is not dependent on someone else.

Moving to the deal of today, we shall be looking at ” My Boyfriend keeps  calling me his ex’s name.”

Ex's name

So I got this funny report last week. I would need us to share our views on this. Let’s look at the report.


Hello. Lol I know it’s awkward doing this, but I have no choice and idk what to do. Please keep me anonymous. So my boyfriend and I just started dating, like a month and week ago or so. Sometimes, he forgets and just calls me his ex’s name instead of mine. I keep reminding him but he just keeps apologising and promising he won’t do it again then he would make the same blonder again. Sigh. The height was last night when I was giving him head, he moaned his ex’s name. I honestly don’t know what to do. Is he still into his ex. If that’s the case what should I do? “

Ex's name


Well. This is a serious one. It may actually just be an error. You have to consider how long him and the ex dated and how close they were. Who broke up with who and how the relationship left him. He may still be heartbroken.
You should ask him to be true and honest with you and tell you if he’s not yet over his ex.

If he’s still into his ex, I guess you should leave. What’s the point when he’s thinking of another person when he has you? He’s probably using you as a rebound.

Well, please let’s have your views on the comments section below.

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Have a lovely love life. ?

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