My Boyfriend Is Not Giving Me Assurance…

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Heyy guys.

It’s Thursday! Yass, the weekly episodes of Only On Vasiti – Agony Aunt.

How are your love lives?

Well, this week, we shall be looking at this report I got last week. Relationships aren’t always beds of roses, difficult moments would be faced and it takes patience and understanding to pass through them. Let’s look at this report.

“Hey, I have a problem. I don’t know how to say it, I’m not a bad person. So I have this boyfriend, we’ve been dating for 6 months now sha. He really tries his best for me and he tries to make me happy all the time. I appreciate. The thing is that I feel pressurized by my roommate’s boyfriend . He’s always buying her flashy things and taking her out almost every weekend to expensive restaurants, giving her money and all those stuff. My boyfriend is just a comfortable person, he works hard to get money and he doesn’t have all the money to spend on me. He gets me stuff too oh, but not all the time. I just feel that I want him to be like my roommate’s boyfriend. Please keep me anonymous

Money issues.

I understand that we did not come to this life to suffer. We all deserve to be loved and pampered.

However, it takes patience to be where your roommate and her boyfriend is. Life would not always be a bed of roses. You have to understand that your boyfriend is working hard in order to shower you with his money. You need to understand this.

You also don’t expect him to spend all the money he has on you. At least, he still takes you out and buys things for you. That’s something to be grateful for.

Money issues.

Don’t feel pressurized or intimidated by anyone, and don’t compare your boyfriend to another guy because of wealth. He’d soon make it, and he would definitely remember those that were with him when he did not have much.

This is just like the “Acrimony” movie. If Melinda had just waited a while for him, she would have gotten to live her best life, because at the end, he became really rich, but she left him just before his glory. I’m sure you don’t want to be like Melinda. Y’all should watch that movie, by the way. ?

Also, there’s no written law that states that only the guys should be the ones doing the buying and the taking out. Girls should also buy their boyfriend gifts and take them out too. Relationship is a two way thing.

So, yeah, be patient and understanding. Everything would fall into place.

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Have a lovely love life.?

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