My Boyfriend Is Not Giving Me Attention, So I’m Looking Somewhere Else…

Agony Aunt.

Heyy guys.

It’s Thursday! Yass, the weekly episodes of Only On Vasiti – Agony Aunt.

How are your love lives?

So, this week, I got a report. It’s quite similar to the one we posted two weeks ago, but this one has a twist. Let’s look at this…

“Hello. Good afternoon. I was referred to you by a friend. She said you’re good with relationship problems. Well, I have a problem. I have a boyfriend. I really really love him, but he just doesn’t have my time. He’s always busy with work. He says he’s building and saving up for our future together. We’ve been dating for two years now. Well, this year, I met this other guy. He’s my best friend’s boyfriend’s friend. I hope you understand. ?? Sha we like each other and stuff. He always has my time unlike my boyfriend. His work is on his laptop and not an office like my boyfriend. I like this one, he’s really fun to be with. It’s just that he has a fiancee and they’ve been engaged for 10 months. He told me about it after we started having fun. Funny enough, his fiancee found out about it, she went through his phone and she messaged me and threatened me. But I can’t let go off two. What should I do? Please keep me anonymous

I’m going to be really truthful and blunt here. Engaged? Ten months?  Baby girl, the married man has to go. I mean, this is a girl’s happiness and marriage you’re messing with.

You may not have known that he was engaged before you started “dating” him, but when you found out, you had every right to get out of the relationship.

Mind you, you shouldn’t have entered in the first place because you are cheating on your boyfriend. Imagine your fiance, the person you’re supposed to get married to cheating on you, how would you feel?

And the wife-to-be even knows, this should make you afraid because she can find you and do something tragic to you. You need to be careful.

Your boyfriend may not have your time, but have you ever told him how you feel about it? You should talk to him, and he should be able to restrategize and reschedule just to make out time for you.

Be patient with him, he’s really working his was off just to shower you with money. Like Davido says, “Love is sweet oh, but when money enter love is sweeter”. Understand that he’s trying to give you that sweeter love. It would be worth it in the end.

However, if at all you feel unloved and want to leave the relationship, you’re free to. I mean, you should always be happy and strive to find happiness.  Just don’t cheat or do engaged men. Last last, you go dey alright. ?

If you have any comments or advise, please, let’s have them in the comments section below.

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