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Agony Aunt – My Boyfriend Has Too Many Female Friends.

Relationships can be cute and amazing; but let’s be real, they can be very complex. That is where communication comes in.

One of the most common things that cause issues in relationships is friends. Whether the guy spends too much time with his guys, or the girl has this male bestie…

Well, before we go further, let’s take a quick look at this mail I got last week;

Dear Agony Aunt,

My relationship with my boyfriend has been going well, but there is just this one issue that keeps causing fights between us.

My boyfriend has a lot of female friends, and it just annoys me to no end! He does not know how to draw boundaries. I am a very jealous person, but not unreasonably jealous though.

All I want is for him to draw clear boundaries, and reduce the way he interacts with them; and the amount of attention he gives them. Is that too much to ask for? Sometimes, I don’t even know the difference between them and I.

It’s really frustrating.

This was my take on the whole thing:

Dear Writer,

This is not the first time I am getting a case such as yours, and I will tell you the same thing I told all the others.

First things first, you should know that it is perfectly alright to feel this way. Your man should be able to be able to draw boundaries between you and his other female friends; and how he treats them.

However, you should know that men do not think the way we women do; so he may not even be conscious of how he is making you feel.

Therefore, talk this out with him, and let him know how you feel.

Do you have any advice for her? Let her know in the comments.

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